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Title: Promise Author: Cavall0ne Pairing: Russia x China Rating:… 
27th-Mar-2010 02:04 pm
Title: Promise
Author: Cavall0ne
Pairing: Russia x China
Rating: PG
Warnings: First time writing these two.
Summary: Russia and China spend the last amount of time they have together before going to war.

They could hear gunshots somewhere in the distance, a ruthless sound Ivan had heard far too many times. He despised war, and yet he had endured it many more times than he would have liked. The sound of wind wafting through the threes, fields of sunflowers, his Chinese lover. These were the things Ivan always had wished for, desired.
It wasn’t long ago they had been happy together. Ivan had even thought they could live happily ever after, though he should have known better not to think such naïve thoughts. Fairytales weren’t real after all, just lies told to children so they wouldn’t have to bear the burden and anguish of war.

He remembered his sisters; caring Yekaterina with her ability to always be there and understand. Yekaterina had been there through his entire childhood, and even when she had come home with wounds covering her entire body and scars so deep he knew they wouldn’t heal, his sister had taken care of him and reassured him that everything was going to be fine.
Then there was Natalya, so young and inexperienced, with no knowledge of how to take care of herself.

He remembered how they had been taken away from him. How America had ordered him to go to war again and leave his sisters behind, because he had been through so many bloodbaths it didn’t even matter how many more stains his scarf could absorb.
He hated it. He hated the color of the snow, so pallid and cold, and the color of his comrade’s blood staining his clothes. He wanted to protect Yao, he needed to.

“Ivan, we must go, aru” Said man stated, his Mondragon rifle swung carefully over his shoulders. He could see how hard his lover tried to conceal his fear, but Ivan knew better.

“I know…” Pausing to think, Ivan rested his hand gently on the others cheek, a combination of sadness and determination shown in the other’s eyes.

“Promise you’ll be okay, da.”

“How can I promise something like that!” He could feel how uneasy Yao was, as if he wanted to cry but knew he had to be strong enough for the both of them.

“I love you, Jao.”

Carefully he tucked a few loose strands of hair behind Yao’s ears, and admired how thick and beautiful his hair could look, even in the midst of war.

“I- I know, aru. But there is no time.”

The Chinese man turned away, leaving Ivan’s lingering hand lying flat against his sides. He began walking away, chaste steps leaving footprints in the snow.


“Will Yao marry me?”

“W-why do you ask such things, aru! I’m a man and so are you!” Yao could feel a blush creep up to his cheeks despite this, and quickly turned around in embarrassment. He knew that he and Ivan were far from friends and that there had always been something more between them, but Yao, being Yao, didn’t like to admit this.

“Because I want to, da?” The Russian asked innocently. In some ways, he was just like a child.

“Marriage between two… you know, isn’t even acknowledged in your country, aru.”

“Then we wait until it is!” Ivan smiled brightly, looking expectantly at the smaller man in front of him.
For some reason, Yao couldn’t find the will to oppose. He wanted Ivan, he… could it be he even loved him?

“A-alright, I’ll marry you.”


“We’ll always be together.”


Ivan reached forward and yanked the Chinese man back into view. He could see tears clearly forming in the other eyes, and tugged off his gloves. Yao’s tears felt cold against his bare skin, salty liquid making his features look old and tired. Ivan hated when Yao was sad.
Without saying a word, they held close, taking each other’s hands and touching foreheads.
Then they kissed. A short but passionate kiss that lasted all until they could no longer find enough oxygen, and the snow had formed a fine glaze in the wrinkles of their clothing.

“I promise….”

With that said the Chinese man let go of his hand, the warmth that earlier had kept him from freezing leaving his side. He could see the rifle swinging from side to side as the older nation made his way through the snowy landscape.

I promise.

28th-Mar-2010 06:43 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh! That is so sweet! I just love Ivan and Yao. Your story is very nice! Ending it with a promise is very sweet. :D
28th-Mar-2010 10:52 am (UTC)
Thank you!
I love them also :)!
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