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My Silverleaf Sunflower 
12th-Nov-2007 12:00 am
Title: My Silverleaf Sunflower
Author: Cavall0ne
Pairing: Ukraine/Belarus
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff
Summary: "Why won't brother marry me?"

They were huddled close together as chilly winds from the north swept past and into the dwellings of the people surrounding them. It was December the first, and still no snow had fallen. This was rare for such a country as Belarus, which was known for its arctic winters and snowy dune, but Belarus was glad, for neither she nor her brother were fond of the snow.

“Sestra...” She began, not wanting to look at her sister.

“Yes Natalia?” Yekaterinas voice always sounded happy, whenever she opened her mouth it felt as if a small fraction of Belarus’ cold heart was melting away.

“Why won’t brother marry me?” She seemed almost desperate.
“I’ve tried so hard, and even still he doesn’t love me! I don’t understand.”

Yekaterina looked at her, this time with a slightly saddened expression Belarus couldn’t read.
Belarus knew quite well that her brother had found another love, and that she ought to move on. But something stopped her from doing just that. And that something was her heart. She could deny it as much as she wished, and had built up quite a wall around herself, but affection was something Belarus had never yet experienced. And for this she felt slightly… maybe just a tinge of jealousy.
Watching happy couples cling onto each other’s arms, obviously head over heels in love was not something Belarus enjoyed doing. Of course there weren’t many people who dared walk up to the Slavic beauty in the first place.
Most people had already heard (she was a nation after all) that she was a treacherous being, and was only out for blood. But Belarus wondered, had anyone even bothered to try?
The only person she could entrust her secrets to was her sister. She was the only person who never fled, who always stayed and listened to Belarus talk, about her brother, about the bitter air enveloping the cities of Belarus.
No matter what, her sister was always there. Ukraine was the kind of person who would be kind to a fugitive, even if he had stolen her money and broken into her house. She was a motherly figure and took care of her younger brother and her without second thought. “It’s not because you are special, it’s because Sestra is being nice.” She tried telling herself. But why was she still looking for signs that it could possibly be… something more?

When Belarus looked up she found that her sister was gazing at her. Blushing slightly, she quickly turned her head back down. It must’ve been because of the amount of clothes she was wearing. Because of the thick wool coat and scarf Ukraine had kindly wrapped around her neck. The scarf that smelled of incense and silverleaf sunflowers, and left the albino girl nearly breathless.

“Brother loves you Natalya, just not in the way you maybe would like him to.” She smiled that sad smile again, which for some reason made her heart churn.
“Just smile a little more and I’m sure you will find someone lovely to share your life with”

Ukraine’s hand moved forward until it touched the corners of Belarus’ lips, and carefully drew them up in a smile.

“There you go!” She exclaimed. “Now you look like someone I would love to know.”

“You think so?” Belarus’ uttered, slightly surprised, and willing down a second blush that had stained her cheeks with a soft crimson. Usually she would get angry with people touching, or even coming close to her. But Ukraine was a mystery that made her act in mysterious ways, and Belarus felt slightly unnerved at that very thought.

“Of course Bella, I have always been so proud to have you in my family. You will always be my sister and someone dear to me. No matter what happens I will always be here for you and I…”
She stopped, moving her hand to Belarus’ cheeks.
Unconsciously she had closed her eyes, and suddenly a pair of soft lips met with her own.
The kiss was chaste but sweet, and they leaned against each other for several moments before Ukraine took Belarus’ hand and pointed at the sky.

“Look Natalya, it’s snowing!”

16th-Feb-2010 02:57 am (UTC)
jkrlkjgkljlkjfgljdksghsfkahsgjkhg kjsh gjkhkgjhkjh jkhfkjhgkjd This was so cute. Great job, I hope your write more for these girls. :)
16th-Feb-2010 09:39 am (UTC)
Thank you you so so much ♥

This was my first fanfic so I was really nervous posting it. But I'm glad you enjoyed :)
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